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Commissioned to celebrate the launch of two new Alizé flavours, pineapple and rose, Good Life pulled out all the stops to welcome pineapple and rose in style with a stylish pop up party.


In keeping with the new pineapple flavour, our pineapple disco ball and DJ booth added a touch of tropical glamour to the evening. Our quirky fountain was used to keep the drinks flowing all night long, while guests danced the night away.


  • Main Room/Dance Flloor Event Design Reflecting the Pineapple and Rose flavours across a pink/yellow design with a centrepiece pineapple mirror ball and various brand touch points

  • Alize Fountain Hooked up to an Alize tap, this kept drinks flowing with top-ups available for guests all night

  • Brand Touchpoints Reflecting the brands colour scheme through creative lighting and incorporating the Alizé logo and key taglines throughout.

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