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ASOS & Nike tasked us with creating a unique, immersive wellbeing experiences for a select few Nike loyalists in central London. We created a three stage futuristic and interactive journey consisting of a sensory clothes fitting, immersive photo shoot and futuristic HIIT work out using projection mapping to take attendees to another world.


Additionally, we provided various subtle brand touch-points throughout the venue, incorporated into every step of the journey.


  • Sensory Fitting Area Creating a warm, orange, sunlit feeling fitting area to relax guests. The area was scented lightly with lavender, was furnished with soft and low seating and a variety of Areca Palm plants to give a natural feel and oxygenate the space.

  • Immersive Photo Shoot Consisting of an infinity mirror with programmable neons and futuristic chasing/fading programmed LED lights.

  • HIIT Class from the Future! Full 360° projection mapping across an ex-railway arch with stage of the art animations and live video mixing. Visuals changed with each exercise, creating an immersive and interactive feel. The workout was following by Yin Yoga decompression with relaxing projections to suit.

  • Brand Touch-Points Logo projections throughout venue, branded LED orbs, branded cups, mirror cubes, photo printouts, logos across workout mats and integrated into projection mapping.

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