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We joined forces with Tinder and Eliza Rose to create an unforgettable night out for the Leeds student clubbing scene. Eliza Rose performed a surprise headline set announced on the day of the event and created some fantastic content for the brand in the lead up to the show and a recap the week after.

Over 2,000 Leeds students enjoyed high octane lighting & production like they’d never seen at this venue, multiple tinder activations and an amazing atmosphere… they left with rave reviews and a host of user generated content featuring Tinder's activations was created during and after the show.


  • Sponsored Headline Set & Social Media Partnership Eliza rose played a surprise headline set announced in partnership with Tinder on the day before the event, with Eliza teasing the show via Instagram stories for the week preceeding, she also created a recap reel of the event, posted collaboratively with the brand on the Monday after the event.

  • Main Room Build A tinder owned room with a high impact yet un-invasive branded main stage with a centrepiece Flame Neon / Giant Mirror Ball combination. This simple yet smart design was accompanied by state of the art lighting - programmed to the brand colour pack and an LED Video wall displaying brand animations.

  • Projection Mapped Building Face Creating high impact before attendees have even arrived, we projection mapped the full face of our 6 storey venue, turning an otherwise dull but vast red-brick ex-factory into an explosion of colour with a bespoke brand animation running on a loop throughout the night creating awe for attendees and passersby.

  • Tinder Lounge Creating a breakaway from the party, we transformed an area of the venue into an entirely red Tinder Lounge featuring a branded dance machine & photo-booth, lounge style seating area with sofas and a coffee table as well as an assortment of games allowing attendees to socialise and relax away from the dancefloor.

  • Photo Moments Prompting user generated content across the site with a variety of branded photo moments.

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